KJ Sawka

Undefined Connectivity EP Review

KJ Sawka’s new EP release is his 4th solo release to date. It is hard to rate this new release because each release put out by KJ Sawka is like a new chapter in his creative novel. This being said the only way to properly review this new release entitled Undefined Connectivity is to go track by track. So pick up the release and give it a listen and read along.


Track 1: New Life (feat. Christa Wells)


This track with its glitch characteristics and the vocal compliments of Seattle based Christa Wells, the lead singer of Dabouge (www.myspace.com/dabouge), gives you a ride through KJ’s rapid fire drumming style which makes you forget there is only a man on the other end behind a drum set. This track also has a downtempo sound to it allowing the listener a chance to take a breather on this one it is then followed by an intense build up that could set off anyone who suffers from anxiety. KJ Sawka is truly a breath of fresh air with this one, drum and bass has not visited this style in a long time.


Track 2: My Girl


I would categorize this one as glitch pop. Blake Lewis definitely rubbed off on KJ while being on tour, being a member of his band ADD, however, the first drop makes any fan of drum and bass nod their head and sing along remembering those who are closest to them with this heartfelt tune. KJ usually in his live performances uses his vocals, but never in a clear sense. On this track I guess you could call this his lyrically debut and he actually nails it showing yet another skill this man has…this is a track that I can imagine will make dance music charts without a doubt.


Track 3: Airplane Girl


Fuckin’ blast off!!! This is the KJ display we all know and love, truly displaying raw drumming skills throughout the track and through that complexity he still has the ability to hit triggers to set off the other samples and sounds that make up the track; and that’s only the first two minutes. The remainder of the track I picture is a panic scene on an airplane with peanuts and luggage flying around and the stewardess are all dressed in black leather but we never know what ends up happening since it fades to black…dope track _


Track 4: Void of Truth


Downtempo, dub step tunage with eerie vocals in the distance then this track takes a quick left into drum and bass madness not disappointing anyone who digs the KJ sound; again with the raw drumming sound, this one is made for the dance floor.


Track 5: Chasing Lions


This magical journey created by KJ Sawka and Jason Camiolo (www.camiolo.com) which I like to call the epic track of this EP. This track gives you the full picture on why many artists across many different genres of music want to collaborate with the one like KJ Sawka. Close your eyes and bob thy head to this one, this is the escape you have been searching for. It is KJ at the symphony but created only by two men…simply amazing.


Bonus review:

Forthcoming Remix album

New Life Remix by Self Similar _


Calming at first then just becomes FUCKING NASTY. This track has your dub step sound that will make any dance floor just STOMP…defiantly a sound that is hard to find out there today…props to Self Similar on this one (check out the rest of his stuff at www.myspace.com/selfsimilardub)


Over all I give this EP a, press play and let it play, worthy listening rating. This is not one of those EPs where you dig the single and the rest of the EP is rubbish. The cost of the EP is also great being a digital release so pick it up…you can get it at Itunes, Amazon, Amazon UK, DJ Download, Resonant Vibes, Juno Downloads, Dance Tune, Audio Jelly, Beats Digital, Beets Labs, and WE7_ _


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