The Swarm
D Star - Mason - Trust

On any given night behind closed doors there is a sound that toys with the eardrum if you get too near, the sound of three individuals that could be mistaken nothing else but supernatural. The complexity of their art form is so deadly they could only be viewed as “The Swarm”!

This threesome known as “The Swarm” is made up of deejays Trust, Mason and D Star, which are based out of Philadelphia, PA. They formed this collective by meshing their individual strengths and attributes. Mason provides the hard dark edge soul of the three while D Star brings back the roots of the style as well as a stylish blend of Funk and Jazz. Trust gives the finishing touch of the three with his various tastes of New Wave, Banghra, World Music, Hip-Hop Techno. Through their production work this all is very evident by releasing such tracks as “Soul Sista”, “Stand Still”, and “Pride”.

Individually they produced and released some of the biggest hits of 2003. Tracks such as “Ruff, Rugged and Raw”, which features the vocal skills of Armanni Reign as well as React are bring popularized by the likes of Andy C, DJ Hype, Bailey and Philly’s own Diesel boy.

Together as “The Swarm” they released their titled album, Enter the Hive which features an exclusive mix of 23 tracks produced by The Swarm as well as others of the Gasm Recordings label. So pick it up and RUN or else fall victim to The Swarm as well as get struck with the spitfire lyrics of Armanni Reign and Sharpness.

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