The Outrage Interview

So born and raised in Bedford, England. How was it like growing up in your town? What type of kid were youÖwere you more of the good kid or the trouble maker?

Nothing out of the ordinary, I was not exactly good but not exactly bad either ;-)

Any regrets?

No regrets really. Kind of wish I had got into the production side of things a bit earlier.

Since you started out with Djing, and production at such a young age, what drove you towards or who introduced you to this style of music Drum and Bass?

A friend of mine once gave me a copy of an old Dreamscape tape when I was 13, Dreamscape was one of the biggest rave organizations in the UK at the time. When I first listened to it I broke out into a cold sweat thinking "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS" but the more I listened the more it grew on me. I was hooked form then on.

Most Djs/Producers tend to go from their bedroom out to events, what brought you closer to the idea that radio was the way to get noticed? Also tell us about the radio experience.

I think radio is a very good way to promote yourself either as a new producer and your material or as a DJ. It was never something I had set out to do. It was just something that happened for me. Some guy at my school offered to sell me and some friends a radio transmitter and it went on form there. It helped me to get noticed in the local area and to gain bookings in the clubs.

Within producing Iíve noticed that you collaborate a lot, is there a reason for this? Do you feed off of other producers or do you enjoy collaborating because the promotion side of things becomes easier?

Iíve only ever collaborated with 2 people that i had material released with. Both people at the time of collaborating were at the same stage as myself as far as a "known producer" in the scene, Plus I didn't have a fucking clue what I was doing, just had the ideas. So promotion wasn't ever the reason for me. Itís good if you can vibe off someone that is on the same level as you.

How do you like producing on your own? I mean I would say you are excellent at it with the labels you belong to, especially MetalHeadz. Tell us what different feeling you get off of solo works versus collaborated works?

I feel I still have so much to learn and so much more i want to do with my sound, and don't think Iíll ever say I was 100% happy with what I do. I really enjoy working on my own. I have been doing so for about 3 years now. There are no boundaries when you work alone so itís easier to experiment without the other person looking at you and thinking "WHAT THE FUCK". I also like the collaborating side of it because its good to bounce off each other and combine ideas to come up with something totally fresh to what you are both used to, and its a good way to learn and exchange new techniques and ideas.

How was then different from today?

Itís just different. You canít compare, I just saw this movie and it was all about Paradise Garage and the Loft. Afterwards I watched the screening with the director and the director was like there is no comparison that time was so much better, when its not better, its not worse, its just different. That time passed, this time its passing, and the future is coming. Everyone is going to be like oh my god it wasnít like this, it wasnít like that but some day someone is going to say those house parties at 149 Dupont were fucking crazy, and someone is going to find there way into our community from these house parties or from whatever and on the end of the day thatís what it really comes down to its like there is no better or worse its just different times and different way of seeing it.

Now go ahead and do some name droppings and tell us the labels you got releases on.

Flex Records, Basement records, Nu Urban, Proper Talent, Chemical Warfare, L-Plates, Fuze, Inneractive Music, Metalheadz, Horizons Music, and Counter Intelligence.

What is in the works for the Dj Outrage? Tell us about what you can with your production projects and where you plan on to go fishing with your tracks?

Next up is a 12" I have done for Horizons Musicís new label called " ??? " which will be the first release on the label, the tracks are called "Amnesia" and my RMX of "Dublites" originally by Mutt. In May a rmx I did of Amits "The Tube" For Inneractive music b/w A new track I have done called "Recall". A collaboration I have done with an old friend on his forthcoming album in March or April time (Watch this space!!!). Followed by a rmx of "10 Faces of Death" By Alpha Omega for Counter Intelligence. I have done some work for Bill Laswell that will be featured on his new "Damaged" Project due out sometime this year. Apart from this there are a few interesting projects I have lined up with labels and artists that people may not expect.

To make this almost like a calling out, who do you want to work with within production? Any names out there right now that you would want to hop on a track with? Also if you had the chance to work with that person and/or group what could you bring to the table?

Aphex Twin, Radio Head, Orbital, King Tubby, James Brown, Bjork, The Cure Tooo many people, and I would brig some finger licking good chicken to the table..mmmm.

Now getting into your Djing, how is that treating you?

Yeh itís been going really well. 2005 really picked up for me with the DJing side of things. Done 17 dates in the U.S in total split between 3 visits. Completed a 5 date tour of New Zealand and various other places in the UK and Europe including Holland, Germany and London. Really enjoyed every minute of it.

I got the chance to meet you when you came to NYC and the NJ area for your stateside tour, how did you enjoy your visit to the states?

I always enjoy coming to the States each place is totally different, one minute your in the blazing sun and the next freezing ya tits off in the snow, and I get to eat lots of unhealthy food covered in cheese.

What was the point that you sat back and said to yourself, ďI think I might have something hereĒ, regarding your djing/production?

As soon as I said to myself "Fuck it! Iím going to make my music for ME"!!!

Where do you see yourself in 2 years? I would say 5 years but this is the entertainment business; 2 years in reality is really 5.

In 2 years I want to be running my own non profit record label with limited pressings giving established and new artists the chance to do WHAT THE FUCK THEY WANT and not have to worry about any formulas or selling records. I just want it to be all about experimenting, doesn't even have to be DnB.

Who would you consider to be elite in the production side of drum and bass the UK or Stateside?

A production basis yo talk to New Zealand and Australia, itís a worldwide thing right now. No one is leading the way everyone is just doing different shit. You can look at Hive heís doing a lot of hip hop based stuff. You can look at myself and the Digital Konfusion crew whoís doing hip hop type stuff. Die Cast out of Texas is doing really techy stuff. Kaos, Karl K, and Jason Kennedy are just doing really funky, really vibey kinda stuff. Mathematics crew out of Brooklyn is just running the vibes for the ladies crew. In the UK you got people doing the musical jump up, the new bouncy stuff people like Twisted Individual. In New Zealend you got Concard Dawn. In Australia you got Pendulum. In Austria you got DK and Rawful. In Germany you got the Rawful crew. In Japan you got the Kabuki. You know there are so many people coming from every where and like everyone is like ďAlright well you did that, alright well BOOM! Iím doing this what you got.Ē And someone else is throwing it back, itís like a game of tennis that is with more than one ball and no one is trying to hit it back.

In two words, describe yourself?

Raging Lunatic

Final words or thanks?

Big up to all the labels, ravers, and DJ`s who have supported me over the years, and a BIG Thanks to everyone trying to move things forward and that have an open mind to new things.

How can promoters book you for a performance?

Incognito Agency
AIM - incognitoagency

Anger Management

KP Booking