The Odi Interview

Hey Odi first off and I want to thank you for letting me sit down before the ćRaveCaveä event jumps off right here in Brooklyn NYC. So for those who do not know and because I donāt want to misrepresent you. Could you give me your view on yourself as a DJ?

Ive been playing with records since I was 9 and Iāve been playing out since I was about 16. I play drum and bass, jungle whatever you want to call it, aggressive break beat music, and I just try to have as much fun as I can and meet as many people as humanly possible. I just really enjoy myself on the end of the day thatās what it really come down to, I mean Iāve been doing this for a really long time, since 1992 and I feel that I am really lucky to still be around, so I am just trying to have fun and enjoy myself

Where did the name ODI come from?

A friend of mine was a graffiti writer in my neighborhood used to write O D I and I just picked up the tag from him cause he was retiring and I could really never write so I used it as my DJ name.

Drum and Bass is growing and has been growing with its ups and downs like every other music style,what got you into the style of music of drum and bass and personally what does drum and bass mean to you?

I mean for me, what got me into it was that I was playing raves and parties since 1992 back before it was drum and bass or before it was anything it was just techno back then and there was something about drums and drum loops and just really funky chopped up beats. Itās almost like hip hop in a lot of ways that you find a sample and you find a beat and you chop it up and flip it and it just grabs you and doesnāt let go you know what im saying, and thatās what it was like with D&B with me, it was the only genre that keeps pushing the envelope, its keeps on pushing forward its keeps on saying ćYou know what ok we did this. Now Iām doing this. Oh word, ok now your doing this. Iām taking it over here.ä It keeps on progressing, no disrespect to any other genre house, hip hop or whatever but I donāt see you guys using your gear (laughs) I mean like explorer your equipment I mean there is a lot more than the Trian and the Neptune beat.

Given those feelings, where do you see drum and bass going on the stateside level assuming that the world knows about the UK movement, and if you would like to update those people who do not know. when did Drum and Bass touch ground in NYC?

Basically D&B has been here in NY since 1992 when it was UK Hardcore. It just developed and there were small pockets of it·like my crew Digital Konfusion, Liquid Sky Crew and the original N.A.S.A. crew. There were heads into break beat culture and we just progressed from there. As far as D&B touching down I canāt really put a name or a place to it because like its always been here. It is an extension of hip hop culture and its an extension of break beat culture, and hip hop was born in NYC whether you want to admit it or not it was born in NYC, thatās the way it goes. Thatās where it came from to me I wanted to be a b-boy but I couldnāt break dance to save my life and I couldnāt rhyme so there was no way I was going to catch a chick so I was like I want to play records. My babysitter was a DJ and I just wanted to be as cool as him cause he was really cool.

I had a conversation with some members of the people who make drum and bass happen here in NYC and they said just what I felt that you do not get enough credit for your contributions towards the drum and bass scene in NYC as well as nationwide as a stateside talent. Could you break it down to us how you contributed to the scene so we can hand you the credit you deserve.

Wow they said that, thatās almost embarrassing,. Alright well I was one of the few people that kept playing D&B when N.A.S.A. closed in 1993. There was a huge void in break beat culture and I stuck with it. I started selling tapes and giving out tapes and I was just like I love this music and it was still coming and it was still there and I didnāt want to let it go. I forced it down the throats of a lot of people who then forces it down other peoples throats and it grew from there. I mean I donāt care about what people say that I have done or whatever I mean on the end of the day for me is as long as who ever walks away from one of my sets and says, you know what I had a fun time and whatever thatās the important thing to me. I just want people to know that it is just not me. I did do things I played every party I could for what ever money I could. Money didnāt even matter I just wanted to play. I played from 7 ö 8 oā clock, I even played sound check as long as I was on the flyer. I just wanted to make people understand that this music wasnāt going away and it was here and it was part of our culture. Thatās how it is and thatās how it is till this day, the drum and bass community is not going away.

N.A.S.A. was the first massive series of parties in NYC at Arc brought to you by DB and Scotto (, that you had the honor to share the bill with the originators, not to forget about the ćStorm Ravesä right here in Brooklyn/Staten Island. Could you give our readers a visual picture of how it was back then compared to today?

ćIt was all about Scratching Hip Hip and scratching hip hop on 45sä, shouts I-CUE one of the originators in the background.

I mean he has a point (I-CUE) as far as back in the day with N.A.S.A. was just the first weekly event that focused on Breakbeat culture. ćStorm Raveä took it a little different I mean you got someone like Frankie (Bones) the father of Storm Rave who was playing at the parties in the UK in 88, 89, 90 who discovered what rave culture was about and extrapolated on what Paradise Garage showed us, and what the loft showed us and took it on a different level. N.A.S.A. took that and was like ćYou know what. Where going to create this different type of environment,ä and thatās what they did and that environment was Breakbeat friendly. Not saying that "Storm Raveä wasnāt but ćStorm Raveä was more on the grungy techno kind of thing. N.A.S.A. allowed a space in a place where people could explore not just Breakbeat but also house and techno and whatever and there was no problem with it. It ended up being a more Breakbeat eccentric event because the DJs that played there like Jason Jinx, DB, ANI, and like myself when I got to play on the flyer or not and Soul Slinger and the Liquid Sky crew can not forget about them, but we took what we liked from it which was Breakbeat culture which is an extension of hip hop and an extension of scratching and brought it into the rave scene. I mean I got into the rave scene more because I got tired of hip hop shows where I would show up and I would have to get into beef because of dancing with the wrong guys girl or for stepping on the wrong niggas sneaker I mean it was wak. Then I went to a rave and it was like everyone excepted you know matter what you were wearing no matter what you did no matter what music you listened to·you just went to enjoy yourself. NASA allowed you to do that.

How was then different from today?

Itās just different. You canāt compare, I just saw this movie and it was all about Paradise Garage and the Loft. Afterwards I watched the screening with the director and the director was like there is no comparison that time was so much better, when its not better, its not worse, its just different. That time passed, this time its passing, and the future is coming. Everyone is going to be like oh my god it wasnāt like this, it wasnāt like that but some day someone is going to say those house parties at 149 Dupont were fucking crazy, and someone is going to find there way into our community from these house parties or from whatever and on the end of the day thatās what it really comes down to its like there is no better or worse its just different times and different way of seeing it.

What can be expected from ODI presently and in the future?

WOW, umm good times, I just wanna have fun thatās it. You know I hate having to say it like that but I really just want to enjoy myself and what it really comes down to it is that if everyone else around me is having fun and enjoying themselves thatās about it.

Have you produced any tracks or do you plan to?

I write tunes and I keep them in my computer and I laugh and I smile at them and Iām like alright well thatās cute, I mean I did put out a few 12ä but Iām not trying to get well received and Iām not signed to any major labels, I make music more for myself and thatās what I enjoy more that more than anything else and thatās the important thing.

Where can the people hear your music, see you Live, people are hungry come with the info!!

Konkrete Jungle last Monday of every month, look for me on a flyer, put my name on google and make it happen.

What advise would you give an up and coming DJ given your expertise?

CDs CDs CDs give em to chicks strictly! If your coming up basically what it comes down to is that I made as many tapes and as many mixes, I mean then it was tapes now its CDs but I did as much promotional material as possible because on the end of the day and the ladies are important and no disrespect but you give your mix CD to a girl whose boyfriend decides to throw a party someday and they have sex to your CD every week for like I dunno like 6 months they are going to book you. So yea just give your tapes or CDs out to as many people as possible because you donāt know whose going to decide to throw a party and when they decide to throw a party they are going to want to book their favorite DJs and if you are their favorite DJ they are going to book you regardless to what you draw. I mean people always talk about you got to book this person and this person to draw this many people but on the end of the day the promoter is throwing a party that he wants to say that he had fun at this party. He also wants to say that if Iām going to have fun at this party Iām going to make money at this party and thatās what it comes down to.

Where do you think the Drum and Bass scene is going in New York?

Bigger and better! Things are changing and parties are changing and just as long as drum and bass culture and Breakbeat culture stays in the forefront itās going to be straight. Basically this culture is important, itās part of dance music itās part of the universal language of music and as long as people keep it in the forefront and enjoy it, its just going to get bigger and better. I mean you can look on any CB channel, any commercial, or experience any MTV end cast you know like coming in and out of a show that has drum and bass on it. I mean I have friends making money right now because MTV is buying their tunes to play over in Europe, to Canada and right here in the States. The reality of it is that itās everywhere people just need to recognize it.

Do you think in time Drum and bass will be the next Hip Hop in the US?

Nah, Hip Hop will always be the next hip hop because there will always be some lyricist or some beat maker or somebody bringing it on a different level, as far as hip hop culture goes. As far as drum and bass culture it will be doing itās own thing standing on its own two feet and people are going to look at it and say, ćWow this culture popped up under my nose and I didnāt even know it was here and now its everywhere.ä

Personally in your heart how do you feel about Drum and bass?

I love it! It makes chicks sweaty, its great to fuck to, and Iām not even talking about making love and Iām not talking about some Barry White like Oh Baby love making Iām talking about fucking. Iām saying balls to the ass, that good shit that we all know we love I donāt care how sensitive you are, you dig fuckin. It makes chicks dance and anything that makes chicks dance Iām 100% behind it. There is a scientific quality to it that people donāt realize; chicks respond to bass. Itās very simple, believe it, print it, learn it, live it, grip it, love it, the female pelvis is designed to accommodate something a size of a watermelon. Which means thatās the femaleās hips are wider and slightly concave thatās why the hips come out a little bit. That concave shape similar to a radar dish and what happens the human body if you ever stood in front of a speaker or in your car especially in your car with a nice set up, wired really well, what happens is that women react to bass they feel this in their body much like a guy does. Guys feel bass in their chest, and women feel bass in their hips and when they feel something in their hips its makes them want to wiggle. A wiggle becomes a dance move and a dance move becomes a reggae dance move and next thing you know they are freak dancing it in the corner and the girl is talking about, ćIām so drunk and I donāt usually do this but lets just go into the bathroom and just fuck.ä Thatās really it chicks dig bass. Also guys want to be cool and get with chicks. Chicks want to go out and listen to music and enjoy it without worrying about ok I look like a hooch because Iām dancing to reggae, or the wrong guy is hitting on me because Iām at a hip hop show. So they enjoy drum and bass. Honestly it is a great music just listen to it, discover it for yourself and enjoy it. But yea chicks just love the bass and I dig chicks that is why you will see 3 chicks on the dance floor and 15 guys around them.

Who would you consider to be elite in the production side of drum and bass the UK or Stateside?

A production basis yo talk to New Zealand and Australia, itās a worldwide thing right now. No one is leading the way everyone is just doing different shit. You can look at Hive heās doing a lot of hip hop based stuff. You can look at myself and the Digital Konfusion crew whoās doing hip hop type stuff. Die Cast out of Texas is doing really techy stuff. Kaos, Karl K, and Jason Kennedy are just doing really funky, really vibey kinda stuff. Mathematics crew out of Brooklyn is just running the vibes for the ladies crew. In the UK you got people doing the musical jump up, the new bouncy stuff people like Twisted Individual. In New Zealend you got Concard Dawn. In Australia you got Pendulum. In Austria you got DK and Rawful. In Germany you got the Rawful crew. In Japan you got the Kabuki. You know there are so many people coming from every where and like everyone is like ćAlright well you did that, alright well BOOM! Iām doing this what you got.ä And someone else is throwing it back, itās like a game of tennis that is with more than one ball and no one is trying to hit it back.

What is Drum and Bass/Jungle for those people who just have no idea??

Jungle is a term coined by Rebel MC in the early 90s by sampling a sound system tape from the king in a jar sound system where their was a reggae party that was held at Sabogie Gardens in Jamaica which people referred to at that point as the jungle. They were talking about all the Junglist being all the people at that party and Rebel MC liked the way it sounded. He sampled it and took it and that gave us a name. The name was almost looked down upon because it was more about the slackness and more about the more reggae/ragga influenced stuff but at the end of the day we were like ćYo talk all the shit you want but we are Junglist and we are holding it down.ä We took it more of like a flag of pride much like and not to sound foul, rude, or whatever but white, black, asian, whatever if your down with someone thatās ya nigga and thatās it. I mean maybe if you say that to the wrong person at the wrong time or if they donāt know you they might be like oh what your saying but if that is your boy, thatās ya boy. Itās the same thing with jungle, one Junglist can look at another and be like, yea you know, with out any words just with a simple head nod and walk away. It doesnāt matter what style of drum and bass you listen to, youāre a Junglist because you are there and itās that simple.

Alright ODI, itās been real, I have always enjoyed you as a DJ and as a real person to your fans out there nationwide and beyond and keep doing your thing·do you have any final words or is there any people you want to give your respects to?

Ok final words umm pea before you go to bed, big shouts out to the Digital Konfusion crew, Liquid Sky crew, N.A.S.A. Crew. Respect your elders, love your mom, anal sex is important and viable in a relationship any lady that says she doesnāt give head, umm sheās lying. Honest to god youāre lying, you gave head at some point or another but you had a bad experience. You know what if you love your partner and you respect them and you know what, fuck that man, if you want them to eat your pussy suck some dick come on itās a real thing you donāt got to let them giz in your mouth just suck some dick. A lick here, some balls, and even play with some ass meat I dunno your man might just like it. The prostate gland is a wonderful thing donāt forget about it and I want to give a shout out to my mom, god, my dad, my grandparents, my uncles my aunts my whole extended family whatever. The DJ Vandel, the DJ Charissa, the JB, the DTW Crew, the XTC Crew my man Lean, all the original Graffiti crew. Most importantly I wanna give a shout out to the original Digital Konfusion crew my man Elf, Must, I-CUE, The Pepper Steak, the Odyssey, the FTL, Joe Joe, and everyone else that was involved. Those people who want to get involved just explore this culture and enjoy your self, man. Just have fun because its just not about hot chicks and good drugs or bad drugs for that matter. Itās not about how cool you can become itās about something much larger. Just enjoy your self and have fun. Watch more porn, and give more head ladies its really that simple and the final word is anal sex.

----- Datacyde walks in -----

I know the final words had been spoken but what do you think about the man that goes by the name of Datcyde?

Dat City in the Mutha fuckin hizzy! Datcyde, I wanna say one thing a lot of people know about me a lot of people know the tracks that I play. People ask me about ćNaughty Rideä and ćSoberä, and all this music. I aināt writing any of these tracks, Itās all about the D-City, its all about the Datcyde. Datcyde wrote all of these tunes. Donāt sleep ćPositive Climbä the LP in stores now itās serious. The next material is coming and itās big!

Donāt sleep and from me to you I thank you and say hi all right, Peace!