MC Crash Overide Interview

lt of this MC. Hailing from New Jersey Mc Crash Overide has represented for the Garden State to the fullest from owning his own production company since 1998 putting on small and large scale events which took care of local and national talent putting small town NJ on the map for the electronic music scene. From Drum and Bass, Hip Hop, 2-Step or Trip Hop this MC can handle any beat you throw at him with his spitfire Mcing and top notch freestyles.

I sat down with this MC for an interview about his current release, his up coming releases and projects and well·read on to see what we got out of him.

So for the people who donât know could you give an introduction for yourself on how you want to be portrayed as an artist?

As an artist I always wanted to be portrayed as someone who is down to try different things. I feel that it is important to take risks when making music and not being afraid of straying away from what is popular and in demand. I think this is why my love for the style of music called Drum and Bass is so high, because it pushes the envelope constantly with chance taking ventures and is the reason why I made it my music of choice.

Sounds good, alright so how did you get started in performing and MCing in general?

Well there are many good stories and things that happened in my life that brought it about. I think I can pinpoint it down to when I was in high school. I was in a band where I played bass guitar and we were having trouble coming up with lyrics for the music we played so after practice one day I went home and out of no where the lyrics just hit me and flowed through my pen onto a piece of paper. I brought the lyrics to the band and they told me that they were killer, but they werenât for singing it was more of a rhyme. It hit me like an awaking that I could write lyrics like that and with support from the rest of the band·after that day I kind of started to be somewhat of a machine, a memory bank of lyrics and through a lot of practice and encouragement it became to be my way of life. So that is what brought about my love for writing and wanting to perform. I first actually started to perform around the same time I established my own company. It was a production company originally named ILL KIDZ productions, which was later to be named Sixth Sense Communications. This was around 1998 which my team and I put on electronic music based events and I put myself on to mainly introducing Drum and Bass DJs one being Josef Fazor which I later teamed up with on the regular as his MC playing venues from NYC, NJ to Philly and beyond. From there it was a roller coaster of ideas and collaborations with other DJs and other MCs.

So now that we know how you got started talk about your self produced/recorded EP ăVerbal Arsonistä.

This project was something different from what I normally do. As you know I have been MCing for DJs for around 6 years now and I love and respect MCing for Drum and Bass DJs, but the reason why I wanted to do this project was because in Drum and Bass the main focus is always on the dj. The MC is there really only to hype up the crowd and accent the DJ in a proper manner. Being behind a DJ for 6 years is a very rewarding thing because I have such a love for Drum and Bass but many people know that with Drum and Bass that the MC canât always be heard (laughs). Well I wanted to be heard because one of the things that always made me different was when I was playing at a party I made the lyrics original and interactive. So I wanted to bring something to the table that would allow me to reach out to those people out in the crowd and give something to them that they can grab on tight to and feel. So when I took on this project I wanted to produce the entire thing including writing my own lyrics and producing my own beats. I accomplished that with this project and it is the first of many to come.

Being that you said you have other projects in the works could you reveal what we can expect from yourself?

Currently I am working with DJ Seen of the Burner Brothers out of NYC and DJ Mundo out of Texas in the hopes in the near future to get something released and pressed onto vinyl or other types of media. With no rest needed with just completing my current album I am already working on my next release which will incorporate both Drum and Bass and Hip Hop together to show my love for both music styles and will be doing something different with this one by collaborating with both Hip Hop and Drum and Bass producers and special guest MCs. I am calling the album Jeckel and Hyde and it is to be released in the Fall/Winter of 2005.

Due to the success of the album and your other accomplishments what opportunities and what doors has been opened for you?

Recently I have become a ătop 20ä artist holding the number 1 to 5 spot for the majority of the feature thus far at which is a great opportunity for artists such as myself to get exposure to listeners though their radio shows, distribution, and worldwide showcases. I have also been lucky to work with Denon's own DJ Shy, which gave me the opportunity to involve myself with his off the chain ways to entertain a crowd Also with the help of Cyber Groove Productions ( which is who I am managed by they have been giving me the opportunity to play live shows and quality events in both Hip Hop and Drum and Bass which has been keeping me busy every month which I am very fortunate to do and it just doesnât stop (laughs).

What if any, was your worst experience in Mcing?

I donât know if this would be a worst experience but defiantly a learning experience you know we have all played on a shitty sound systems and always have gotten lost on the way to a venue or have had trouble getting paid on the end of the night but the one thing that I learned in the early stages in MCing is to always have your own equipment handy. Your microphone, cords, and of course the many adapters that you will need that will plug in to whatever mixer you are dealing with. I know this first hand; unfortunately·when I was booked for a show the promoter didnât have the right adapter and the connections didnât match up on the mixer and I ended up having to MC through a pair of headphones which I am sure many of the readers have been through something like that and can feel me on this one. I guess as an MC I am pretty lucky not to have a horror story with performing besides what I mentioned before like not getting paid or getting lost on the way to a gig·I always have had good experiences with the promoters who I have worked with and continue to be fortunate with working with great people.

Well thatâs cool that you are fortunate enough to run into great people in the industry. Where can our readers hear your music or get the chance to hear you live?

Best thing to do is check out my website which has both my tracks and any news on where I am going to be at·and also has my contact information so if any ladies wanna holla!! (Laughs). Also to add I am available for bookings if anyone wants to bring me to their town or nearby venue which you can do by contacting my manager at Cyber Groove Productions/Artist Management (

All right well I want to thank you for taking time out of your crazy schedule to sit down with me on behalf of Cyber Groove Productions/Artist Management. Do you have any final words or thanks to give?

Just thanks to everyone who has listened and taken an interest in what I am trying to do with my music in both Drum and Bass and Hip Hop. All the listeners, promoters, and other artists who have faith in me, which will allow for some floor stomping shit to surface in the near future. Thanks again to Cyber Groove for making this interview happen and be prepared for ăJeckel and Hydeä releasing this year.

Peace and Respect

Crash Overide
From clubs, bars and even warehouse spaces in the tri-state area and beyond, you may have fell victim to the verbal assault