The J Smooth and Rare BKI Interview

Interview given live at Relief  3 Aug 27th  2005 


What’s up, what’s up this is your boy Dros E La coming to you live for Cyber Groove Productions,  We have the one the only the legendry J Smooth along with Rare BKI.


Dros: So yo that was a phat ass set you just dropped and as people know most people are madd beginners to this shit. Could you tell us how you first got started and what’s the reason why you first got started?


J Smooth: To make a long story short I’ve been spinning Jungle since I was 15 met a couple of dope djs and like a year or two in it now I just do it all.  I’ve been focusing on more production, I play and I write with a bunch of vocalist


BKI: I started Djing back in Philly __ then I jumped into Jungle and I was a B Boy before that and I’ve been writing things for years and Armanni kind of gave me a MIC at one show and the MCin started then and I’ve been coming out with this guy since we fought together anyway


Dros: So do you guys have any up and coming production that you are doing together or separate or what’s up?


J Smooth: I got like an extended collaboration and I am trying to get things together with him (BKI) and I got a whole live show that I have been working on for about over a year and a half, its taking a while but its basically all the production I do by myself in the studio, and like about 3 or 4 vocalist with a live musician playing my music playing anything from like down tempo, trip hop, hip hop or drum and bass.  So I’ve been putting time in getting all the music written up for all of that and the main focus I have for my live show is to get my music out and be creative and have a band and some vocalist. 


BKI: I got a Live CD with Mason from GASM, I’m suppose to be working with Smooth in the studio, possibly a hip hop album in the works coming out this Winter on Def ____. 


Dros: Damn, see that’s what’s up, well we are going to bring this to a close so you can continue to get your drink on and enjoy the rest of the party, so do you have any final special thanks to give out if so rock that shit right now.

J Smooth: I wanna give a special big ups to the entire GFS crew