The D Star Interview

Whats up people we are here outside of Relief 4 with the D Star, the Mighty D Star.
From Motion, lets go back that far and Im going to ask you some personal shitwhat happened to the dreads bro?

(laughs) Well let me tell you I got my masters degree last year in social work and I decided with a couple of life changes and when I had my daughter as well to lop them off, yea man and also Ive been working with a lot of homeless people for the last five years and I changed jobs so with my masters Ive started this new job and it was like leaving a lot of good relationships that I build with some people and letting that energy go and starting fresh, thats some cheesy shit but thats all good.

So is this because you are from Philly because we heard the vibe in Philly is all love and that the scene is hot to def (with slight sarcasm).

Hell is not! Hell no, everyone has a chip on their shoulder because philly sports lose it last min, you know with the super bowl and all, and I ride my bike in the city everywhere and I almost get hit like everyday man its ridiculous because people are fucking angry in Philly but Im tolerant of it; but there are also some amazing people in Philly from all corners..

See I was down in Philly all the time promoting around 2001. What has changed in Philly since then?

Lets see, honestly I havent gone out too recently but Platinum went away but I'll tell you what Rowdy has picked it up and they are bringing up a new generation of drum and bass, which is cool man because when I go I don't even recognize people. That is fucking great and also a great sign because the next generation is here but I'll tell you one thing; things in philly were kinda drab at one point but we got a ton of excellent producers with all different styles.

Since we are diving into production now, tell us about your shit? I see you got out that 666 tune

Yea man thats the Number of the Beast tune just came out on our very own GASM recordings yea yea Philly EP, yea check out the PHILLY VIP! COMING OUT! We got a Klute remix coming out on GASM too yea it's the one me and Mason did just the promo so...but wait theres more MetalHeadz 70 mutha fuckin' "IF" which is a tune me and V. Burn did on the flip called Winter in America which got the rewind tonight at Relief thats right! Yea man shit is nasty and Goldie picked up a few more tunes for Metalheadz to be announced man. And also right now on Promo is evilution backed with Powerstruck on Ohm Resistance, its tight. Tons of projects going on with Chino, Noah D., Perpetuum, Mental Sharp, Mason, Trust, & myself of course we got some SWARM remixes coming up but also we are trying to link up with some heads like Infiltrata and his shit is just ridiculous and we are hooking up Hardware on some shit and lil Evol Intent colab but man who knows what is going on man but I'll tell you what, the states are going on man, Canadians too, and Puerto Rico: all these cats from west- Mutt, Gremlinz, Basic Operations, Fission, are pushing new sound in the world, its not even stateside man we are kinda the west side of the world man, we WEST SIDE United! Keep talking man you got some good questions.

Nah man just speak, come up with some shit!

Alright (breaks out in funky beat box) yea man Armanni and Sharpness taught me that and what else ummm but yea we got Nate Day in the house so big up to him and for those who are listening to this BOOK ME! I havnt been all around this country yet and there are some dope cities I really want to visit to meet some good people and play some good music for em. I was just in St Louis and it was dope

Which cities havent you played?

I haven't been to Kansas City, I haven't been to Seattle yet, a lot of places in the south I haven't been, Chicago I haven't been to, I want to go to Chicago.
So yea man let me make one more comment, this was a great, gig but there is no fucking vegetarian food in this town. I went into China Taste and they did agree to make this meal for me, I said bean curd, I said General Taos bean curd, that obviously means that I eat the tofu not the fucking CHICKEN! Don't put chicken in it! But they put chicken in it and they closed...oh it was bad, so im sitting down and we just drove like two hours so I'm like "we goin' to sit down relax and eat this Chinese food" right? So they told me the food was ready but they are closing so I'm like alright so I set that shit on top a phone booth right and I'm standing outside the joint and they shut the lights it was sad so I start eating it righ,t and im like "this is some really good soy" and Im like "this aint soy this is some china taste mutha fucka, that shit is chicken" that guy was so lucky he was there and I got my refund because if not he was going to have that shit on his window. But he did take the rice, because the rice was separate so yea he took the bullshit chicken and the rice but they did let me take a nice shit in their dirty ass bathroom so that was good

Any final words?

Much love to my babygirl & big up to the Mother of my child, because without her I wouldn't be able to do anything right now..fuckin' Mason and Trust for real cause I wouldn't really be able to do anything right now, Mental Sharp keeping it on the next, and fucking Goldie for opening his ears and his soul as usual, that's my Don and the list really goes on because a lot of people, I really met a lot of great people in this.