The DNB Liberation Front Feature

Year 2006

Fourteen cities.

Fourteen States.

Nine Performers.

Four Hours.

Four CDJs.

Three Computers.

Three Keyboards.

Two Drum Sets.

Two Turntables.

Two Microphones…ONE REVOLUTION!


This is no mathematical equation or no play with numbers! This was one of the most renowned and looked forward tour to hit American soil with performers of it’s land, representing Stateside Drum and Bass to the fullest.   


The DNB Liberation Front (DNBLF) tour featured American heavyweights D Star, Mason, Basic Operations, Vector Burn, Beet & Bad Lieutenant (live), with MC’s Armanni Reign & Sharpness (Mental Sharp).  The DnB Liberation Front tour reeked havoc on fourteen cities covering much of the east coast, mid west to the southern parts of the United States.  The talents on the tour represented some of the biggest labels in Drum and Bass today (Metalheadz, C.I.A.,Freak Recordings, Renegade, Hardware, Human, Habit, Gasm, OG, Zeropoint, and Obscene to name a few). The DNBLF proves to be a tour de force of the international scene and is showing that Stateside Drum and Bass is still a solid force that is not to be reckoned with.


The DNBLF was not only a hard hitting, mind blowing Drum and Bass music display but also a first of this kind for the drum and bass industry in America.  It looked at the structure of most line ups and tours and put it aside.  The traditional time slotted, dj dominated events was put to the side for a moment and provided audiences with an actual main stage performance based show, mixing live instrumentation, with a blend of dj’ing, and a splash of Mc’ing into a mish mash styled event made for a very tasty drink.  On their website ( for the tour they couldn’t have said it better, “No time-slots, No rules. This is A LIVE SHOW!”


We took commentary from those persons on the tour both before and after the conclusion of the tour and this is what we came up with. “We really wanted to prove to the American drum and bass scene that this music belongs on the big stages, that people really want to see and hear this style of music.” says Mason. Tour Director Douglas McClintock states, “There’s a huge focus on the European talent getting all the good gigs, we just figured there was power in numbers, and it’s time for audiences to see the big names our own continent has.”


With dates spanning cities such as Philadelphia, Cleveland, Chicago, New Orleans, Saint Louis, Lexington, Greensboro, New York City, Boston, Indianapolis, Pensacola, Dayton, Atlanta, and Washington DC, America was and still remains a country that is ready to embrace electronically based music such as Drum and Bass. MC Sharpness sums up the DnBLF’s purpose. “The new frontier of music entertainment is upon us, and The DnB Liberation Front is set to deliver the propaganda of a new era.